Friday, April 30, 2010

Before and after part 2

I was looking for this picture when I did the initial before and after pages. For years, I kept this picture on the side of my car door, hoping it would one day be my before photo. I wanted to cry every time I saw it. I was so unhappy with my body there. I weighed more than my husband. I was kind of annoyed at the person who took it. Why was she doing that to me? I knew it would be bad. I picked up Alex to try and cover myself up. I should have just let him stand in front of me.

At any rate, I found it recently when looking for another photo. I thought I had finally torn it up in frustration and despair one time - I kind of even remember the conversation I had in my head..."This will NEVER be my before picture so why not accept that fact and stop torturing myself?" But obviously I hadn't. Or maybe I had multiple copies.

Well the contrast speaks for itself. The first picture got a little stretched in a file conversion, but it's pretty accurate. I have to include the after bikini shots again so as not to gross myself out. I look almost identical to the pics from last summer now but of course, another year older...and maybe 2-3 lbs heavier but I'm not sure.

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