Friday, December 10, 2010

calamari in padella con limone e pangrattato

I got Jamie's Italy out of the library. It's really fun to read but kind of infuriating to try and use. I can't quite say why. I think the recipes are really simple sounding but either involve complex ingredients like octopus and squab, or massive quantities of cream and butter - and I just can't bring myself to make fettucini alfredo. And everything involves fennel. I don't know why, but I just enjoy reading it more than using it.

But the above recipe seemed simple enough. Saute breadcrumbs in olive oil and a few other ingredients - then cook up the squid and lemons and top with parsley and the breadcrumbs.

At any rate - I thought it was delicious - and fast - and not too expensive. I think Dave and I ate $11 worth of squid. Of course the kids had pasta and a bowl of cereal. It just wasn't worth the battle. Natasha ate one ring and said she didn't like it but she did eat the whole thing. I think Dave was less impressed than me...

I am picking up on a few tips though - use a lot of fresh herbs, lemon zest and put a new twist on old things. I do want to try tuna meatballs but they seem a bit labor intensive. I guess it's not a week-night cookbook. 

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