Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pitch for Bob Harper Inside Out Method series

I'm sure I mentioned this set before, but I'd like to revise my opinion.
Bob Harper has a 4-DVD set which is a complete bargain. It's on sale  for something like $30 with a discount code of "getfit".

The first couple times I tried the DVDs I found them boring and repetitive. But now for some reason I find them zen-inducing and super-fabulous. Each DVD has a 1 hr version or a 20 min version. I only do the 1 hr version and I basically only do them on weekends or if I happen to get up with Dave at 4:30 am. They have been reviewed in detail in many places - just Google "Bob Harper inside out method" so I won't reiterate here. Bob also has some new kettleball routines which I have not tried. I haven't wanted to purchase kettleballs, although I probably should. The trainers are hot and ripped, although Stephanie makes weird faces and I don't like the outfits on Zach. Who wears tall black socks and v-neck t-shirts to the gym?? It makes me a little crazy. Francisco is a hottie but Bob is constantly yelling at him for not keeping up with the girls. Bob also has a lot of mini "challenges" on his youtube site and some of them are actually pretty good.

I find his over-positive veganism kind of a bit much. And the green drink Nazis make me crazy. How loony does this woman sound?? But His workouts are really a great deal.

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