Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying to get back on track

I actually need to lose a few pounds. The one downside to having a whole new wardrobe of clothes in my new size is that I have no "fat clothes" to fall back on. I am noticing now that my clothes are tight and uncomfortable. At first I didn't even put two and two together. I just thought that after work I was tired and who wouldn't want to slink into yoga pants. But I did notice many months ago, that when my clothes are loose and comfortable, I often come home and get distracted starting dinner, etc. before changing. I had to remind myself to change so that I wouldn't soil my work clothes while cooking. I made a mental note to myself that next time I experienced the "I must change now!!" feeling regularly after work, I would know it meant things aren't fitting right and I should do something about it.

So here I am working towards that goal. I knew for the past few months that my weight was a little higher, but I didn't see it as a big deal, and it is a normal occurrence in winter. Now we've passed that "little bit higher" mark. A couple days ago I quickly tried on a couple dresses at lunch time, as I'm attending a party next Saturday, and the 6s were really too tight. At first I attributed that to them being a really young style - I didn't like how they looked anyway - but in reality they were just too small. The shopping trip actually did light a fire under my behind. I was so turned off that I got more serious. I had also had a bit of a pizza debacle the day before that kind of shocked me. Since when do I even like white crust-big chain pizza?? Ick! But I ate lots of it and happily. This all sounds so dramatic! It is not.

So I'm trying very hard to control any extraneous snacking, and to really watch portion size. I'm also tracking. I find, as do some friends, that in the end it's just easier to be really stringent, as not being stringent opens the door to wanting things, and starts that constant battle in the head of, "can I have some of that?" I'd rather not feel tempted at all.

I am also finding that reporting my food intake to a few friends does make me more vigilant. I actually spit out some gummy bears - they were hurting my jaw anyway - thinking, "I can't email this to my friends."

So the more the merrier. Here is what I ate yesterday:
I still use the old WW points system. Goal is 23 pts or 24 on a big exercise day. In reality I should eat 21 but i find that unrealistic and I don't want to be constantly disappointing myself.

breakfast 1
few bites oatmeal and strawberries while chatting with my cousin and making lunches - we were going to exercise but the kids got up early and we were all talking. Highly unusual morning due to house guest. 1 pts

breakfast 2
cereal, milk, yogurt 5pts

lots coffee with milk 1pt

spinach salad with turkey breast, healthy homemade dressing, 20 almonds (part-pre lunch snack), other veggies. 5 pts  -  I was craving some carbs but didn't have any in my desk drawer.

20 min run with buddy. first time in a long time! Should have done post-run push-ups.

afternoon snack
plain non-fat yogurt with berries 3pts

dinner 1 - got home starving. tried very hard to contain myself and make dinner but a contractor was in house. warmed myself up some food so as not to go crazy.
4 low-fat triscuits, many pickle slices 1 pt
natasha's leftover dinner of my homemade pizza with white-bean infused pizza sauce, ww crust, minimal cheese, 3 pepperoni slices, broccoli 3 pts (very small portion was left)

dinner 2 - after contractor left
sauteed spinach with leftover bacon and tin of sardines and orange zest. I really did learn something by watching/reading so much Jamie Oliver - 3pts

dessert - started eating gummy bears while dolling out kid desserts and stopped. Not worth it and not necessary.

22 pts before exercise!! It really is possible to not eat that extra 200 calories a day, if I just make the slightest effort to really track, feel like I have a real, strongly desired goal in mind (making my clothes fit), and if I feel accountable to someone (my blogging audience). I was not having one of my hungry days - I did only a little exercise and that makes a big difference appetite-wise. Let's see how long I can keep this up. btw, I just spent all my exercise time blogging. getting up now.


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