Friday, June 5, 2009

Computer problems

I have a very strange computer affliction at home. So I can't access any site related to Google, like blogger, hence the cutback in posting. Don't get me started. Anyway, it's been raining and instead of jogging I've been working out to this dvd. I'm a huge Bravo fan so this is perfect for me - plus it was cheap! 

It is split into 3 twenty minute workouts, so you can pick based on how much time or energy you have. It's broken into upper body, lower body and core.  I easily did upper and core yesterday (except those goddam plank exercises, which I'm sure were devised by Dick Cheney at Gitmo), but today I barely made it through core and couldn't get myself to do lower. The dvd suggests doing one a day or all three a few times a week so I guess I feel a little better about how much harder the second day was.

I just ordered a bikini so that gives me a ton of incentive to do core exercises. 

It's nice to work out to that particular dvd as it was something I bought a year ago, and didn't use. I would lie in bed, sloth-like, watching  all the obese people getting their butts kicked by the crazy L.A. trainers, feeling slightly superior to them for being just overweight, not obese. Looking back on that time, I am reminded that getting to a place where you are willing to go whole hog for a weight-loss goal takes a long time. The decisions may have seemed quick and random but it was really years post-partum in the making. Slowly I prepared myself, without knowing it, through baby steps (fewer sweets, some exercise, more greens), and excuses (some quite valid) until I was ready. 

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