Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Up and down

Today was much better. I think because I held off on the weight training. I was getting frustrated at how hungry I was, when I hadn't been for weeks now, but I believe the culprit was adding more weight training into my sad little exercise routine. So now when I'm hungry and I've been lifting in the last day or so, I will add those exercise points in...

The other thing that is helping is that I made a big batch of hard boiled eggs. I have been popping them into my mouth, and throwing away about 90% of the yolk, and not counting them as points. The protein helps!

This week I was frustrated by the tedium of counting, being hungry when I didn't (although I was mistaken) think I should have been, and the general paltryness of a 5 point dinner. I made a big batch of roasted veggies and pile them onto whatever dinner I have, so as to increase the general volume. I also consulted with my 2 awesome fellow WW groupies, which of course is very validating. 

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