Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok, I've cried uncle. I just am too hungry. I still don't know why I'm extra hungry - either extra exercise or something hormonal related to birth control (far more likely considering some other symptoms), but either way, I'm eating 2 extra points a day. Tonight I did some extra exercise too. It was a beautiful night and my daughter was making me crazy so I went for a long brisk walk. I feel much more relaxed after listening to Tom Cruise be interviewed by Lynn Hirshberg for an hour.

If I stop losing weight that's fine. I had wanted to lose three more pounds, just so I could say I lost 40 pounds. It has such an impressively large round ring to it. "I lost 37 lbs" isn't as satisfying for some reason. Of course I recognize that this line of thinking is silly. More importantly I am right in between 2 sizes and I would like to firmly be one or the other for practical reasons. Of course I'd rather be the smaller size. Who wouldn't? 

I do get confused with the whole notion of "if you eat 3500 fewer calories you lose a pound." I mean fewer from when? From last week? I kept losing weight for months without reducing my intake much. So in May I was eating 3500 calories less a week than I had been in December, but not than I had been in April. This confuses me. Perhaps I should attend an actual meeting!  Will my 2 extra points add up to putting on a pound eventually? It would be about 3000 calories in a month. I don't get this math.

I do know that when a person crosses below the 150 lb mark she is supposed to do far more exercise. I sort of did this and perhaps that's why I'm hungrier. Perhaps I will do some googling on the subject while the kids watch tv with daddy.

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  1. Carrie O'ConnorJune 23, 2009 at 9:44 AM

    i think you should maybe start eating all of your exercise points (or if you are still trying to lose those last 3 lbs., maybe eat 1/2 if them)the hunger thing is not sustainable long term...I'm so impressed already that the Jenna I know has done this. Very impressive and life-changing.