Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day off...

Spent most of the day putzing around farmers' markets and Whole Foods, and then waiting for various long-cooking items to cook. But now have a big stash of wheat berries and chick peas waiting for consumption. Made salad with wheat berries, beet greens, chick peas, eggplant and hopefully tomorrow I'll add a dressing and some goat cheese maybe...hmmm....dressing wants to be cuminy-oily-orange zesty but I don't have any of those ingredients. It also wants some sauteed onions. I can't believe I'm going back to the supermarket. I also have to plan for our travels and leave my husband a few things to eat, although not 10 days worth. I also was craving Dover sole based on all the Julie-Julia hype and luckily it was on sale at Whole Foods so we have that too. Having guests for dinner so I'll grill up some chicken thighs to serve with my wheat berry madness. When it's done I'll take a picture and post the final recipe.

I had a very yummy toasted whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, and picked at all sorts of things, including my kids' corn chips at Qdoba and their huge Yoberry dishes. Nothing was even worth it or very good, but the relaxation of not thinking and not monitoring was worth it.

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