Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation countdown...exercise tv

I can't wait. I can't wait!
Vacationing at the Cape so I'm in charge of food. Will be hard with Dave not there, but kids are older now and almost both swimming. Plan on exercising a lot! Will buy new weights when I get to the Cape. Shred arriving at my mom's adorable mail box at the Cummaquid post office. Running is so pleasant along beautiful Bone Hill Road. See photo!

I'm interested to see how I do running there since I'm so much more in shape than I have been in years. I guess I'll have to do the bigger Keveney loop that my friends do - over the bridge and back. I can wave to the kids from the bridge if they're looking. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Ok - this is a worthless and boring post.

In other news...completely unrelated. I just really looked into exercisetv today on Comcast. Why am I spending money on dvds???? There are a ton of great exercises! I did Jillian's Shred level 1, which is a great change from Jackie - same basic idea but different personality, slightly different method...more integrated muscle groups. Then Alex was complaining that he wanted to exercise with a man so I found a male circuit trainer and he kicked my ass too! It was actually fun. What has come over me? I used to find exercising at home to a video to be the ultimate in worthless, boring, annoying, "Don't tell me what to do" hell. But now I enjoy it. I actually used to rebel against the trainer on the tv screen by not listening. I think my standards for what constitutes fun or fair have been severely lowered lately. My attitude now is more like, "Life is not fair or fun so pick up the goddam weight and lift if over your head a bunch of times you lazy arse!!!" Then hurry up, pack lunches, shower, argue with kids about teeth brushing and go to work.

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  1. ExerciseTV has such good free workouts! I love Jillian, her 30 day shred kicks my butt. Try level 2 or 3 they will seriously make you sweat!