Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The more I learn the more I follow Jackie

I have a pretty good rotation of DVDs, as well as jogging, kickboxing, running up my hill, etc. Here is what I have come to believe. Let's assume you're eating an appropriate amount...say 1300-1600 calories a day depending on your goals and situation. To compliment that, in terms of exercise, I believe Jackie Warner is the best, in terms of getting a toned muscular body. Jillian/Bob/Biggest Loser in general are good at burning calories. I like to mix things up as much as possible. But I do make sure to do the intense but short JW upper and core to make sure to keep those muscles very defined. I think it's her "the right function, with perfect form, working to almost complete fatigue" motto that works so well. Even almost a year later, I kind of like listening to her narrate when doing the DVDs.

Lately I'm even more of a Jackie cult member. Last week I saw Jackie on the Joy Behar Show (a very embarrassing sentence for so many reasons) and she and some other doctors were discussing Jillian's comment about never wanting to put her body through pregnancy. Jackie said this. "It's simple, if you exercise before you get pregnant, eat properly and exercise while you are pregnant and exercise after you have the baby you will take the weight off" Now she didn't say your boobs won't sink and sag and your skin won't be stretched out, but she had a good point. One I REALLY wish I had followed!!! But I am where I am, saggy boobs and all-Bra-llelujah by Spanx helps a lot!

She also admitted that after a certain age, really lean people do tend to wrinkle more in the face and she even noted that her grandmother told her that at a certain point you need to choose between your face and your body. Joy quipped that we have Botox for that, implying it's better to stay thin.

OK so this whole post is a little Hollywood but it was timely because I had been assessing the differences between the various workout approaches, and all in all, I do think Jackie is the fastest way to the best results.


  1. I noticed today that Jackie has a book out called "This is Why Your Fat". Have you read it? I like both Jackie and Jillian, but I am trying to figure out if they have the same stance on weight loss/exercise or believe in two different philosophies. What are your thoughts on their differences/similarities? Thanks!!!

  2. Inspired by your post I just did the core routine from JW's original DVD tonight. I did Jillian's Last Chance earlier today. Good, but not enough core work. Jillian's No More Trouble Zones is equivalent to JW for toning/sculpting I think, more resistance stuff and not so much cardio.

    Ridiculous comment about not wanting to put your body through pregnancy. I am so grateful that my body could get pregnant and carry two healthy babies for 9 months, and that my boobs could nourish them for over a year each. The obesity epidemic in our country is not caused by bearing children!

    I have noticed more wrinkles in my face since losing weight. But the net healthy effects are worth it.