Friday, May 29, 2009

Horrible sweet cravings tonight

Why is this still happening? I think bc I have had more sweets lately-
even in small doses. Sweets beget sweets true but depressing.

Tomorrow is my diet day off and I'm going to take it. I had to really
watch myself today. Things were not happening naturally or without
major effort and willpower. Definitely not in my normal groove today!!

I was looking for dinner starting at 4pm. This happens when I'm home
early sometimes and it's horrible. I ate 100 baby carrots and sugar
peas and cooked exotic pestos. I just could not distract myself!! My
lunch may have been too small and my snack was insufficient due to
being greasy and not high fiber. Potato chips and chicken sausage free
samples from grocery store!!!! Somehow I ate an ok dinner around the
right size.
I should have just had a yogurt at 5 but I didn't want to admit
defeat. What a dork.

Then tonight I've been dreaming of making chocolate chip cookies all
evening only deterred by the thought of messing up the clean kitchen
and by knowing that tomorrow I can indulge guilt-free.

I realize this post sounds completely neurotic. I must be more normal

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