Monday, May 11, 2009

Plug for Lifetime television

I'm not one to watch the Lifetime channel, but I was surfing and found a pretty good cooking show. It's called "Cook Yourself Thin." First of all it features 3 chefs, so they talk to each other instead of the camera and that is instantly less annoying than other shows. Secondly, they make food like I make food, more or less. In fact, I had made the exact sweet potato fries that they made on the same day I discovered the show, down to the chili and garlic powders - weird coincidence.

The web site has a lot of recipes. They do a lot of ingredient swapping, like shredded zucchini in cupcakes, and sweet potatoes in muffins, both tricks I like too. I think they use too much cheese and too much white flour. I also would argue that they make too many sweets, and that eating sweets, even healthier ones, is generally a waste of points, and just begets more sweets cravings. That aside, we all need some sugar sometimes, and they have good choices. 

I may get the book. The chocolate cake looks awesome. 

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