Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good little snack for the sweet/salty combination

Been meaning to post this for a while. This is a good snack from Trader Joe's - 110 cals, 3 grams fiber. Sort of satisfies the sweet/salty craving but not in an overly gross or addictive way. It's not quite as sweet or salty or greasy as you'd like, but then again you can eat a whole bag and not feel gross. I like to buy it in the mini-bags so the serving size is pre-determined. See cork above for scale.

I bought some healthy brownie bites from Whole Foods. They're delicious and don't have a bunch of crap in them but a tiny little marble sized brownie bite is 60 calories. Even two of them is just not enough chewing to satisfy a snack craving. It take 15 seconds to eat 120 calories. This bag takes me several minutes - and really I should only eat half of it because eating all of it gives me a TMJ headache. You'd think that would stop me from eating the whole bag.

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