Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fabulous new soup pot

My mom bought me the above pot as a present. It's fabulous. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to make soups. Over the weekend I made cabbage soup with beef, minestrone soup and in my old small 8 qt pot, pumpkin/coconut thai spiced soup. I gave some to my neighbor who has H1N1 in the house, some to my cousin who just had her third baby and a horrible c-section experience, and of course Dave and I have tons left. The kitchen didn't get messy because nothing splattered out the top. When making chicken soup I easily put two whole chickens in there (see above) and could have bought the bigger chickens. I mean, it's so efficient and easy to deal with - until cleaning - then it's a bear, but until then it's great.You don't have to pour soup into different containers and strain out bits and splatter hot greasy liquid everywhere. I have posted soup recipes  in the past. For everyone who feels they don't have time to cook - pick a rainy weekend day and make a soup. It's a few minutes of prep - a long time ignoring/simmering and a few minutes clean up.
You'll be happy all week long.

week old photo....

My very flexible husband eating up all bits of leftovers - potatoes, broccoli, 1 manicotti, chicken, unidentified vegetable on left....poor thing was hungry and just piled everything in the fridge into a bowl and ate it.

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