Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesterday I got to act like a girl. I guess I really don't do this anymore, but I went shopping, just to try on clothes, see what was in style, see what colors I liked. I have sort of done this recently but with more intention to buy. This time I was really just looking. Until very recently, I had stopped shopping pretty much altogether. I would maybe order some boring mom-shirts online and keep them whether I liked them or not. All I could focus on in the dressing room was how much weight I'd gained, and how bloated I looked. Now, while I still have issues, and still find the dressing rooms to really accentuate the cellulite on my thighs and the flabbyness of my belly, once I get the clothes on it's not so bad. So yesterday I went to the Gap, ostensibly to buy Natasha some shorts, but ended up trying on about 20 brightly colored very fun shirts. I found two I likes, but didn't buy them. They were full price and that seems like a no-no at the Gap. I mean, nothing is ever full price there.

Here were my two favorites
This one in aqua

This one in pink
(ah ha! it's on sale online - I will purchase)

So my main problem with most of these shirts is the bottom. The style now seems to be long, meant to be worn slouchy over pants. This is a big problem for me for two reasons. They tend to cut me across the hips - right at my widest part, thus highlighting it, and they tend to get bunched up in the middle torso, where I actually am small, thus making it look big. So the result is that they add 10 lbs to my entire mid-section. Am I the only one finding this to be a problem??

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  1. Those shirt styles don't work for me. I look better in cropped waists.