Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silver lining

This past week was really hard. I was having trouble staying within my points limit, basically because I was hungry, not because I was craving ice cream or onion rings. At any rate, on Thursday I pulled a muscle in my lower back and on Saturday I pulled it even more. Eventually Sunday (today) I went to a clinic to get a muscle relaxant. Despite having sworn off scales almost a month ago, curiosity got the best of me and I asked the nurse if I could weigh myself. She brought me to a room with two doctor's scales and I stepped on both of them. I was down over 22 pounds on both scales! I never thought I'd get out of the teens. I'm so happy. This proves that even giving in slightly to hunger but mainly staying on track has resulted in real weight loss. Now Weight Watchers' official first goal is to lose 10% of one's body weight so I did that and then some. For now, I will aim for another 3 pounds to get to my original goal of 25. That is really not enough, but it's ok for least for now I am within a healthy BMI. Of course as soon as I got there I pulled a back muscle, but that's another problem!

I'm getting satisfied. Never the perfectionist, I should take this success as an impetus for harder and loftier body re-shaping goals, but alas that is not my personality! I'm still quite disheartened with the thigh cellulite, but overall, in clothes my figure is MUCH improved. I'm happy I've made it this far. I guess I'll always a B+/A- student...never the straight A.

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