Monday, March 2, 2009

What Not to Wear

Closet-cleaning episode...part 2.

I took advantage of a dreary weekend to finish up my clothes-cleaning project. Fitting into clothes better was somewhat uplifting, but the overall state of my wardrobe is a nightmare! I don't know how this happened but I've become someone from a What Not to Wear show. My work clothes are fine. A bit boring, a bit ill-fitting, but generally fine. Plus, I really don't want to spend a lot of money on work clothes. I don't see that many people and the ones I do see are Ph.D. physicists, not marketing execs on Madison Ave. I have a few "going out" outfits that are ok, but could use a couple more pairs of shoes. My general casual, hanging out on the weekend clothes however, are atrocious. All my shirts are pilled, old, too boxy, out of style, too big or too small. I have one pair of ok-looking jeans, but I need some comfy stretchy ones. I'll do a tad better in the spring as I have some capris and skirts that aren't bad. However, everything is OLD and I'm sick of it. I desperately need cute t-shirts, shoes, jeans and for that matter make-up and purses. But I would be happy with a "favorite" pair of jeans and 3 cute t-shirts. This will be my goal for a shopping trip later in the spring. I have a pregnant friend who offered to come. She will be immediately post-partum and not looking for herself. We're going to some outlets with the new baby - leaving all pre-schoolers home. I'm excited! This won't happen until April though. Another friend gave me so much good advice on how to buy jeans that I suddenly realized my dearth of knowledge about fashion. She knew so much! I'm printing her advice and taking it with me, like my own "What Not to Wear" rule book. I generally don't like shopping. I don't like getting dressed and undressed, seeing cellulite in fluorescent lights, finding things difficult to fit due to out of proportion parts - not just flabby thighs, but my EXTRA long arms (I'm 5'8" and my arms are 29", Dave is 6' and his arms are 28"), my wide feet, my in between tall and normal pants's frustrating. I get hot and disoriented when I step into a mall - all the sounds, lights, sights, temperatures. I can't stand it! So I don't shop much, and now it really shows. I also have a problem with the retro-70s styles and I REALLY don't like the Empire waist printed tops - to me anyone who wears them in their thirties looks pregnant. So shopping is difficult right now....

It's not time yet, but at some point, I'll hit the Denim Bar. I may even take Dave in to have a drink. That place is super-intimidating to me. Everyone in there is 20, skinny, using her dad's credit card. I imagine I'll be ready to enter the Denim Bar in September or October...after the hot months have passed, and when I feel comfortable that I've reached a realistic final weight. Honestly, I'm nervous thinking about it! For now I'll focus on a temporary pair of jeans, and some cute shirts. To be continued...

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  1. Hooray Jenna!! I'll come to WDC and go shopping with you soon. Everyone could use a bit of Stacy London.