Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite 2 point snacks

It seems my 3:30 snack is one of my favorite things in my day. I always have a 2 point snack at that time. My goal is to exercise before then, as usually if I haven't managed to do so it's just not going to happen at all. Sometimes I exercise at home at 5pm ish if I have an early day, but not usually. At any rate - it's hard to make a 2 point snack. That's not much food and I MUST have protein at that time or I wither. Here are my top 10 favorites (taste good and filling).

1. non-fat yogurt with fruit or Kashi. Points depend on the level of sweetness in the yogurt. Today I have chocolate yogurt with blueberries - probably 2.5 points.
2. Trader Joe's instant miso soup. This is a new one. Half a packet of Trader Joe's instant miso soup with added tofu, fresh scallions (I cut up and put in tub night before).
3. medium banana
4. cottage cheese with grape tomatoes
5. low-cal, high fiber bread with laughing cow cheese. 
6. non-fat latte
7. sugar snap peas and carrots with hummos (I think 2 tbs is right)
8. soy crisps with carrot sticks
9. almonds - only if I'm TOTALLY craving them as you only get a 12 for 2 points. 
10. plain chicken breast chunks and celery sticks with buffalo sauce for dipping (3 oz measured out).

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