Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well I tried it. I entered all my measurements into and answered all the other questions as well. I felt a bit like I was taking a Meyers-Briggs test. At any rate the site immediately spit out a Calvin Klein dress in blue in my size. CK is my favorite designer and blue looks good on me, and it's in a style that Cindy was recommending I try and that does in fact flatter my body shape. So so far it's a hit - although I didn't actually order anything and see if the clothes really fit or not.

I'm really enjoying window shopping and online browsing and not buying anything - except a pair of awesome slouchy Uggs. I figure it takes a while for it to get cold here so why not wait until there are some sales. I also like learning new things and I've been so utterly and completely alienated by fashion for so long that I haven't paid the slightest bit of attention. It's kind of fun to learn a new vocabulary and understand various looks. Plus it's something I can do with Natasha. We went shopping for dresses and she picks out what she likes and even helped me find what I liked - she asked me what shape and colors I like and looked for those items. The other day she saw me on Zappos and asked to do her own searching. So I helped her search girls/red and she picked out the most adorable pair of Chuck Taylors! And I let her get them as we had been entirely negligent in teaching her to tie her own shoes. She basically never owned any tie shoes. So they came and Dave taught her. Volila! I will post a photo as she's so adorable in them.

Will keep you updated on

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