Monday, September 28, 2009

Time away

Carmel and Big Sur

What is there to say about a weekend away in Carmel, alone with one's husband of 10 years? Just too fabulous to put into words. Photos are here, which will account for many thousands of words.

I could go on about any number of topics related to my trip, such as being alone with my husband, life goals and choices, natural beauty, seeing old friends, but I'll stick to topics pertinent to this blog.

The trip was well timed, although completely unplanned on my part - it was for a wedding. But it was a special treat to have taken this trip post-body transformation. I think I was more relaxed and able to enjoy myself than I would have been if I was still losing or God forbid before I started this. This trip was a true celebration of 10 years of marriage, and for me also, of the last 9 months of work. Our actual 10 yr anniversary was in June but we waited to celebrate until this trip.

We only had two days to sight see, attend wedding activities and have fun. In addition to meandering around Carmel and driving to Big Sur we also went running on the beach, sloshing through waves and hopping over massive sea weed mounds, and just enjoying doing something active and outside together. I love climbing on rocks and found it noticeably easier with my strengthened quads to scamper up the jagged coastal formations. Dave and I even went shopping in a store so fancy that we received a thank you note in the mail today. Apparently they want us to enjoy our new shirt and dress. I don't think we've ever spent
so much time in a store like trying on tons of dresses and skirts, and him waiting and watching and picking out a shirt of his own. We really were acting like different people.

I did alright guessing at appropriate portion sizes when served soccer ball-sized salads full of cheese and nuts. It's kind of hard to know when to stop in those circumstances. And while I tried to make mostly good choices, I also ordered morning glory loaf (carrot cake sans cream cheese frosting) with my coffee, knowing it was ok to do on vacation, but not fretting that I would drop my guard and suddenly order a huge loaf of cake every time I stepped into a Starbucks.

Like my dad before me I am always the photographer and rarely photographed. This is partly because I don't trust anyone else to take a good photo and recently was sort of due to not liking how I looked. This time however I went wild with the auto timer and let myself be in plenty of photographs (those rock formations come in quite handy for the auto timer), not exactly thrilled with the budding wrinkles, but certainly not concerned that I looked fat compared to my in-shape husband or the other women around. The California wedding guests really did live up to their in-shape reputation, and it was really fun to watch everyone head down to the beach barefoot in their fancy dresses. Dolphins even swam by just before the ceremony!

We really wished that we had one more day of vacation, so that the travel time to vacation time was not 50/50, but our Fall is quite complicated so it was not to be. Next time!

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