Friday, September 4, 2009


OK - I'm so completely embarrassed. I just now, 7 months in, realized that the blog spellchecker does not automatically highlight misspelled words. Well, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. So Dave pointed out that I spelled despair wrong. How horrifying! I am the worst speller. I'm tempted to go back and change them all to have correct spelling but I really don't have time.

In other news....we have a new schedule in our house, which is forcing me to change my exercise habits. In general the change is great, but it is hard to change existing exercise habits! I will try my best to not use this as an excuse to not exercise.

This weekend, in addition to doing a million errands and chores, I am purchasing clothes for many upcoming family events. I'm actually kind of dreading it. I just don't like shopping! I' mean I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friend, but not to the actual shopping. It's amazing to me that even in the shape I'm in things still are hard to find. Most things I can put on and button and look passable but very few things are truly flattering for my body and age. It's hard to dress one's age I've realized! And I'm trying to be budget conscious as well. And I hate anything above the knee on me.

I'll stop at Anthropologie on the way home and try out my photoblog uploading skills if I find anything good.

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