Monday, September 14, 2009

Premium Denim

Please note - that photo is from a web site - and that is most certainly not my behind!! I wish!

Despite some of my recent posts I actually really hate shopping. I'm kind of enjoying learning a bit more about fashion and trends in general, but I'm not enjoying slogging through stores, picking out acceptable items, getting frustrated by the price, the lack of availability in my size or color, and taking dozens of outfits on and off. I am having fun looking at the pretty pictures on web sites of already put together outfits on models. Two very different endeavors. And shopping at Cindy's was kind of the best of both worlds. Everything was beautiful and already laid out on the bed for me. And everything was almost my size, albeit a bit small. But at least I could see the general idea.

So I'm overwhelmed at needing an entirely new wardrobe. Once it gets cold I'll either be wearing two pairs of jeans to work every day, which are already too big, or I'll be wearing summer clothes. So I must find some stuff. I'm hesitant to do so because I am not sure if I will stay at this size, or go up or down a few pounds as the winter months wear on.

At any rate, many people have been encouraging me to purchase some premium denim. I couldn't be less interested. I have so many things to buy and the idea of spending $180 or something I can get for $40 is just not practical to me. And what on earth is the purpose of these fancy pants? They don't seem to feel any different to me.

Well, despite this feeling, I found a pair that I love while browsing at one of the fancy stores in Bethesda. And on top of that, they have some gold stitching on them. What is wrong with me? So sassy and adorable. I wan't to tempted to buy them as they didn't have my size. One pair seemed to fit, but the young sales girl told me they were way too big, and the other pair were too small and I couldn't button. I have been told by many of these sweet, knowledgable sales girls that the jeans should be as tight as humanly possibly when purchased as they will stretch so much. Not sure how I feel about this but it sounds painful. I do have to say that I do have jeans that seem to fit and then stretch out quickly.

So we'll see. I'm not sold just yet. But I'm weakening.

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