Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I signed up for my first ever sporting event that requires a registration. This was not really a goal of mine, but I have to say that when my friend asked if I was interested in doing a very low-key family/pet-friendly Thanksgiving morning 5k it did feel good to want to say yes, and not get agitated and nervous. Of course if it were even 5 miles I would have said no, and the friend will be 3 months past her second c-section (baby was 10lbs/23 inches!) at Thanksgiving so it' s not really a scary challenge for me. She'll be happy to walk 5k and I don't blame her. I'm pretty impressed that she's interested at all. If only I had been so determined after my second child was born!

Still, the idea of getting a "number" and t-shirt is very exciting to me! I plan on running all 5k (3 mi) even though I still walk parts of my 2 mi daily runs. I'm hoping the adrenaline of the group run gets me going. I have heard that picking a discernible goal, such as running a 5k or hiking up a mountain is a good way to start a diet program. I didn't do that - my goal was getting into a healthy bmi range, which translated into 25 lbs. I guess a 5k is a nice goal in retrospect - but really, I'm not a competitor and never will be. I just like feeling fit and healthy. I hope I make it!

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  1. I ran with you on the beach in Carmel and you kicked me arse, so I am certain you will finish with no problem.