Saturday, October 31, 2009

Better Jillian workouts-and free shipping

Ok to my fellow Jackie devotees - since her new dvd is almost here, and it's unacceptable to pay shipping, I thought I'd review a couple Jillian DVDs I tried recently. I suppose you could buy some books for the kids or something to get the free shipping as well.

I know some of us weren't thrilled with the Shred. I actually remember liking it, at least level 3, but I never seem to choose it. Maybe I'll give it another shot. At any rate, I agree that Jackie's supportive and encouraging manner is far more pleasant than Jillian's admonishing drill sergeant tone. I tried two older and longer Jillian workouts and liked them both - and her tone, while not as supportive as Jackie, is not nearly as bombastic as the Shred. One is circuit training, the other cardio. Both are about 45 minutes of hardcore workout, with warm-ups and cool-downs making them longer so they're a nice choice when looking for a longer workout. I usually don't do cardio dvds, but since I've been running less lately I decided to try it.

No More Trouble Zones:
As for the circuit training, this is a better review than I could ever provide. Very hard with 5 or 8 lb weights. 3 lbs are too easy.

Boost Your Metabolism:
This is the cardio workout - NO props required, and much less mean tone or voice. At the end she even says that it's not about just looking good in a bikini but also about bringing intensity to everything you do in your life. Kind of refreshing. Although after 50 minutes of pain anything she said while we were stretching and relaxing would have been music to my ears. I outlasted Dave on this one.

Dave's favorite is the ultra-hard Sean Burch. I think he's too hard and too complicated. Kind of the male version of Jackie. I actually got Dave the book for his birthday one year and he's obsessed now. May get the dvds one day but they're very expensive and as far as I can tell require too much equipment for me.

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