Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What a great weekend. A huge family reunion in the form of my adorable nephew's bar mitzva. First of all, he did a fantastic job and had such poise. Second of all, heading to Texas really was a fun culture shock. It was amazing to see all the 13 yr old girls in their flowey spaghetti strap dresses with cowboy boots. We're not on the East Coast any more!

I loved seeing my cousins, and spending lots of time with them. Of course eveyone said I looked great, which was nice, but no one was over the top, thank goodness. There was a lot of other stuff to talk about! I only have a few grainy photos from my iphone. Mainly I was too busy talking or asking where my children were and my brother kept handing me his camera - so there should be some good ones on his...

We also saw former neighbors from MD who moved to Dallas. We spent the night and then then we went jogging in the morning. How fun! It was great to be able to do something like that as an activity - we killed 3 birds with one stone - a time for the moms to chat, a tour of the neighborhood and morning exercise. I also took a jog with Dave earlier in the weekend, and let my cousin serve as personal trainer another day. It was fun, even though he said I was squirming like a stuck pig when trying to do bench presses. I'm used to my girly workouts with the 8 lb dumbbells. Traditional bench presses with 55 lbs are hard! As much as I eschew gyms, it was kind of fun to have all the choices of equipment and general gym atmosphere. But most days are way too busy for gym workouts.

I definitely ate too much, but I didn't go crazy or anything. Although I did notice that my willpower wore off as the long weekend and endless temptations continued. And now I'm so tired that I have completed about 20 minutes of exercise a day. Not enough for me any more.

I kind of want to get back into a routine but first Alex has a fever, Natasha is exhausted and I'm leaving again for a wedding on Saturday!

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