Monday, October 19, 2009

How did I do?

The intensive partying is over, and I'm worn down. I had a lovely weekend away, seeing family and even some dear friends. My mom and I spent 14 hours in the car, most of it during rain storms and didn't hit any excruciating traffic until we were literally 3 miles from my house, at which point it stopped dead. My mom drove all of it so I can't even complain about being tired from driving.

I must say I was very happy in Cindy's beautiful silk/wool blend dress. It fit as if it were made for me - and that is a bit better than it fit when I initially tried it on to borrow it. I guess that last 3 pounds makes a difference. Of course she needs to get it taken in, but the fact that we are near the same size is astounding to me. See lame iphone photo.

The wedding was beautiful and a treat. Once again long lines at buffets and a tardy dessert made temptations easier to handle. But I was certainly worn down and was tempted by way more food than normal. I just wanted the stuff more, which of course makes things harder. I tried to have small tastes of things, in general, but did eat dessert on Saturday night. It was Saturday after all. I don't actually know for sure how much I can eat for maintenance, versus weight loss, because my time since reaching my final weight has been so chaotic, but I think I have it figured out - basically I eat a little more at dinner and after dinner.
I meant to stop at 140 and am now 137 and have fluctuated between these two numbers since August. Truth be told, I don't want to lose any more weight, but I am between 2 sizes, which is mighty irritating. I can't bring myself to either gain or lose 3 or 4 pounds, which would solve the problem.

Anyway, the wedding was so beautiful. The bride (my cousin) looked lovely, her sister also looked amazing, as did their mother. The sister of the groom was not supposed to be at the wedding as she was 10 days past her due date and the poor woman was the ultimate good sport. She looked adorable wobbling down the aisle. Three of the brides maids were 1 month post-partum and pumping together in the bridal suite during the cocktail hour. Ahhh to be 33 again.

I did feel badly for the one or two heavy brides maids. I'm not sure if they were the post- partum ones, but it must be embarrassing to walk down the aisle with all sorts of size 2 cuties when you're on the overweight/obese line. Now when I see women like that I just feel so badly that they are spending their 20s in such a state. Perhaps they are happy as clams but I would bet money that they aren't.

I see heavy people in their 20s or early 30s and want to shake them and say, "You have so much free time and you can't even possibly imagine what you're in for later!!! Please use it wisely! Please work on some healthier habits now!!!" I'll just keep that monologue in my head.

Perhaps the most amazing site was the litany of people in their late 80s to late 90s who WALKED unassisted down the aisle, including my great aunt. Talk about brave. Of course the people who make it to that age are trim and fit and seemed far more energetic than the new moms. Despite my potentially very bad genes, I will hope for good luck, continue on my good habits and hope to walk my great grand-children down the aisle one day.

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