Friday, February 19, 2010

Just discovered this today: Not Eating out in NY

Perhaps I'm wildly out of touch, but I just discovered this blog. Thanks to an article in HuffPost.
Cathy Erway seems to be quite an accomplished cook and food writer, but I like her because I believe she is at heart a tinkerer...she gets interested in a certain ingredient or flavor combination and then pokes around the fridge hoping to make a meal out of it (at least that's how the blog reads) - for the fun of experimenting as much as for the eating. Perhaps beyond that though, we like the same foods - lots of cabbage, beans, whole grains, dark greens, simple combinations. She uses butter and cream in her recipes but in pretty small quantities - enough to add some flavor without making the dish really rich and heavy.

Her recipes do seem a bit labor intensive for me but interesting reading nonetheless.

I want to try her sweet potato gnocchi, pictured above.

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