Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little bit too hungry

So this week I was trying to limit my morning snacking. I had gotten out of the habit of being strict - and eating just enough, to stave off hunger. I no longer will accept being really hungry. But then of course that is a slippery slope and I started eating lots of walnuts and pretzel sticks and soon enough my pants were a tad tight. So back to being pretty strict - only eating outside of meals when REALLY hungry. So today, I was trying to wait until lunch as for breakfast I'd had an enormous bowl of cereal, with yogurt, a huge banana, several cups coffee. At 10:30 I couldn't stand it and had a small snack of walnuts (about 5 were left) and some roasted squash from my lunch. But I was still hungry. Just like the caterpillar.

So I decided to force myself to wait, and then was engaged in an incredibly tedious and confusing task of pulling numbers out of huge binders and adding them up in various combinations when I just lost my mind. I was so hungry I couldn't concentrate and was freaking out at not being able to focus on the page in front of me. At first I attributed my lack of concentration to the difficulty of the task and my decreasing brain cells, but then I realized I was starving. I was at that low-blood-sugar loony person place. I had eaten a good-sized dinner the night before, as well as probably 500 calories or so for breakfast/snack so I'm not sure what the issue was. Maybe new Violet Zaki Carkio Kick workout video was harder than I realized...But at any rate,  I ate my lunch (arugula salad with salmon and pomegranate seeds, half a whole wheat tortilla, and the rest of the squash). It was something like 11:20am. Brain capacity returned to normal (which is still far below 1990s levels). Been fine the rest of the day. Must remember to listen to body.

As for Violet Zaki...kind of a nice change - very cardio with just a bit of sculpting...I kept 5 lb weights in my hands when she said to just keep hands up, like in photo - I bought it because I wanted to work on my kickboxing forms....she doesn't really explain form too well though. She does have a pleasant demeanor and a lovely Australia accent.

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