Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pondering Tracy Anderson

So thanks to Gwyneth, I'm pondering the Tracy Anderson Method. Sounds very haughty. I guess it involves lots of fluid dance movements on the DVDs. In her studio it seems much more complicated. Madonna, Courtney and Gwyneth seem to think she's the Second Coming.

I can't find it on Netflix and on Amazon her new DVDs are $30 each, which I find outrageous. I've never seen another one for more than $15. So I'm kind of not buying one just on principal. Who the hell does she think she is??? But I've been reading the reviews on Amazon and watching her little video clips online and it does sound intriguing. She does advocate working out over an hour a day, which I think is unrealistic. But I can do 1 hr DVDs sometimes if I get up really early or on weekends.

Supposedly the dance routine is too hard to learn but the mat one seems to be well-liked. And the videos online of her studio are really cool-looking - like adult monkey-bars. Maybe I'll ask for a session at one of her studios for my 40th birthday.

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