Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to counting

I am returning to some more careful counting and measuring, as my pants are tight and uncomfortable. I don't think I look "fat" but I'm not enjoying feeling my pants pinch my waist at my desk. I tried simply adding in a bit of extra exercise, but alas, I have been sneaking in crackers while making dinner, lots of sweet handfuls of cereals and fruit roll-ups after dinner and nuts when I'm hungry. Those calories add up so quickly!!! And mindless snacking on carbs isn't the best habit anyway.  I believe the difference between losing and maintenance is almost imperceptible. Sad. I'm also buying a few things one size up in case I find I just can't keep myself at the smaller size. I think it's just unrealistic to expect to stay within a 3 pound range.  Most women have at least 2 sizes of pants in their closets. Three sizes is not necessary, but 2 probably is. I'm just doing this for two weeks until our vacation. I imagine vacation will be some extra eating and lots of extra hiking. Then after vacation I'll reassess. My spring capris are bigger than my winter jeans anyway, so that should work out fine.

I thought by this point I could follow my hunger cues a little better, and do less counting, etc. but that is turning out to be super tricky for me.

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