Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At the risk of stating the obvious....

I read somewhere that this was called, "adult peanut butter and jelly"

In this case I used whole wheat naan, almond-flax butter, and sliced jarred peaches. Very good!

I wouldn't qualify this as a "recipe", hence the title of the post, it's more TJs product review, but it was tasty and I especially like the almond and peanut flax butters from TJs. They do seem kind of grown-up-ee, as my kids would say. And the jarred peaches I used don't seem too sugary. Of course fresh would be better, but it is winter.

I found a Trader Joe's cookbook in the book store. It was pretty good actually, and I'm thinking this blog is kind of a Trader Joe's only recipe archive too. The TJs whole wheat naan is very doughy and hearty (and caloric but I eat a big breakfast), the peaches cool and juicy without being too sweet, and the almond butter is salty and crunchy. It makes for a nice mix of textures.

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