Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finally, a BMI alternative that is simple and makes sense

I have long advocated a pair of jeans as a BMI alternative, but that's not really scientific enough for most of us, me included. I read a second article by Dr. Oz last night, having ignored it for days assuming it was the same article as the first, but on a different web site. I think he generally focuses on older, more obese people, but he is probably the best person out there at putting difficult medical information into layman's terminology.

So in this second article on New Year's resolutions, he suggests that a simple comparison of your height, in inches to your waist (waist being the spot that creases when you bend to the side according to shopping web sites) is a better health predictor than bmi. Your height should be more than twice your waist. I'm happy to report I'm 67.5 inches tall and have a 29-30 in waist (how tight should that tape be??). So I'm healthy! Maybe I'm measuring at the wrong place though as he says my waist should be at least 32.

At any rate - it's a really good article - positive and makes sense. His show on Jan. 4 promises to be about exactly what we should be eating. I'd like to see that. I have no DVR so someone watch it for me!

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