Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It's no secret that I don't like most low-fat foods, dairy aside.
I especially can't stand low-fat mayo. But mayo is so caloric it's ridiculous. Now I could eat it more often, but I just tried to wean myself off of it in general so that I don't expect it with every sandwich. But sometimes a girl wants some mayo! And I ONLY eat Hellman's. Unless some one makes it from scratch, but that doesn't happen often.

So my compromise is flavoring low-fat mayo. Before continuing I will note that I still don't like the concept of fake foods, and don't eat a ton of them, but even I reach my limits with beans and rice with Swiss chard. Sometimes a girl wants a burger with mayo! See last post. Usually I just eat the real thing in a small portion, and I will do that with real mayo but when eating flavored mayo low-fat works just fine.

So my two stand-bys are:

  • mayo with pesto (I use bought pesto usually)
  • mayo with curry paste

I think it's about 2/3rds mayo to 1/3 flavoring.

These are just a couple choices. It works with anything - the more intensely flavored or spicy the better. I  wouldn't even qualify this post as a 'recipe' posting, but flavoring mayo - full-fat or low-fat is one of those things that is simple and delicious but very often forgotten about. I forget about it all the time.
I should try making my own mayo but that seems hard. I can barely make a vinagrette that doesn't separate.

OK - off to scramble eggs for the kids for dinner.

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