Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeding the kidlets

The other night during the SOTU address, President Obama mentioned that Michelle Obama was starting a campaign to combat childhood obesity. I'm interested to see what she rolls out.

It's really hard to curtail the sugar/salt/fat cravings of my kids. I have done pretty well at it, but it's tricky.

I am looking forward to what the First Lady rolls out. In the mean time, I thought this press release was a nice read,- especially the part about "running up and down the stairs to annoy me" ...that was funny.

She mentions things she did with her kids that seemed small but made a big difference. I already do most of those things, but I just like the way she explains how she did it. I am particularly interested in how she frames the issue in terms of living a healthy lifestyle, and providing the kind of traditions around the table where kids naturally develop healthy eating habits, rather than forcing them down their throats (I do some of that when frustrated-bad!). And she's not just talking about the obese teens who end up with gastric bypass surgery - she's getting at a more fundamental struggle to find the time as busy families to make sure nutrition is as much of a priority as say, piano lessons, or homework.

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