Wednesday, July 1, 2009

142 - officially done!

Buck naked at ob/gyn office and with empty bladder. As a point of note 5 minutes earlier, pre-empty bladder and with a super-light t-shirt and skirt I had been between 143-144. Not sure about this scale and my original weight of 184 was with heavy winter clothes on but I'm counting it as 40 pounds! Also, and more importantly, my white 6 shorts which were tight now fit comfortably - I'm no longer between sizes. I'm officially done losing! I know maintaining is no easy feat either, but I feel comfortable in my habits now and think I'll be able to do it, barring any injury or illness that prevents exercise. Thanks to everyone for their support throughout this whole process.


  1. Crazy what a swing there is within a few mins. This is why i erroneously disregard the scale ad believe I weigh 115 when i take off my jewelry and hair tie. CONGRATS JENNA!! You are my inspiration!! ps. funny you should be at OB/GYN today. I swear last night i had a dream you called to say you're PREGGO!! This post reminded me!!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!! What a great feeling that must have been today. Did the doc notice?