Saturday, July 25, 2009

My husband is very proud of me

Dave is very proud of me. He looks at me all the time with pure bewilderment. He loves my new body. He really respects my discipline. He even honors my need to go running every morning by leaving for work a little later. He talks about me at work with his new co-workers, extolling the virtues of discipline and hard work. He sends people the link to this blog and tells them to exercise at lunch like he does, instead of eating loads of crap and chatting. He beams proudly when people comment on the healthfulness of the lunches I pack him.

After a few incidents at work of people noticing his healthy lifestyle, and asking for my blog link he decided to read my blog for himself. I can't believe he never did this before, but no matter. He said it's better that he read it after the fact, as if he read it in the beginning he would have thought I was whining. I think there are quite a few posts about being hungry at the start, basically as I was eating way too little kind of by accident.

His disdainful attitude towards fat people as being too lazy to help themselves was one of the main reasons I was so motivated. He thought less of me and after Alex turned 4 I felt he had a point. But he never thought I'd get this thin or this muscular and neither did I. He told me he had felt resigned to live with a chubby wife - after all, I wasn't obese or anything. so it's kind of like he won a new car at a raffle or something: a really great treat and surprise, but life would have gone on perfectly well if he had lost.

Of course he chose to have this whole discussion with me when I was in an agitated, "It's 20 min past Alex's bed time and I want him in his bed now" state of mind, but I'll make him tell me again when we're not putting the kids to bed. This respect is a benefit I had never anticipated. After 10 years of marriage, when it's easy to take the things we fell in love with in each other for granted, it's a great time to add an arrow to that quiver.

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