Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Portion size primer

When I first read, "French Women Don't Get Fat" I wanted to throw it across the room. Sticking to the portion sizes she recommends just seemed utterly constrained, unrealistic and even impossible to me. But alas, now I am much further away from my baby-making days, so her suggestions seem a bit more reasonable. If you're interested, here they are:

I have said this before, but will keep saying it, realizing how little one really needs to/should eat requires a bit of mourning. Very sad to give up so much pleasure, but eventually, acceptance sets in. And unlike actual mourning - no one died!

I still find the author's utterly chirpy demeanor to be a bit off-putting, but she does make some good points, when you don't eat that much, everything you eat should be really enjoyable. I do strive for that, hedonistic as it may sound. And the French are also really into my other favs...meal planning, bulk cooking and recombining, beans, cabbage and yogurt. They lose me on the wine obsession, but that's more my fault.


  1. She leaves out one reason why the small portion sizes work for the Frenchies...they all start smoking at age 13 to control their appetites.

  2. She also advocates fasting 4 times a year for a weekend, which I think is a horrible idea, but I like the visuals she uses for portion size - deck of cards, computer mouse, etc.