Thursday, July 23, 2009

My new client Bouie

I opened the door to put on my running shoes and it was so humid that I immediately shut if and decided to do 2 Jackie segments instead in my cool air-conditioned basement. That lower body work out is goddam hard! I've been wobbling around my office all day. And I'm hungry. But no matter.

I got to the office early and parked where I don't usually park and saw a different security guard than I normally see. He asked what I've been taking - did he mean what diet drug? I told him diet and exercise and he kind of laughed in a sort of defeated way or maybe a disbelieving way. He confided to me that he had been trying to lose weight, but he weighs 240 pounds (and 5'9")and he can't do it. I told him he could and that I would help him. I suggested that he walk up the stairs of our building one time on his lunch break. I also asked him to write down everything he eats and at what time and give it to me. I was sure he'd brush me off but he promised to do it. I went down a bit later to get my eggs I ordered - like I said, Jackie makes me hungry and Alex absconded with a some of my breakfast in the car so I had some scrambled eggs. At any rate, I figured I should ask the man his name and tell him mine. He's Bouie, pronounced like Louie. I'm not sure what country he's from, but somewhere in Africa I imagine.

We chatted a few more minutes but I couldn't really be seen plying my new craft on gov't time so I kind of rushed back upstairs to eat my eggs. I actually walked the 9 flights as the elevators in our building are practically not working and when they do come they're so full that I start having a claustrophobic panic attack. If I'm going to breath heavy it might as well be for a good cause.

Anyway, I didn't think too much of things, and I just assumed that this sweet but very large pot-bellied man would not really make a go of things, but when I went down to leave he told me he walked up all 9 flights twice!!! I couldn't believe it! He says he's writing down what he eats today and tomorrow we'll discuss it. If he's so willing he may actually lose some weight - and he needs to - he has the awful unhealthy belly fat. It is just so hilarious to me that I tell someone to walk up 9 flights of stairs and they actually do what I say. And he did it twice! I can tell you that is pretty hard when you're in shape, let alone 80 lbs over weight. I hope he continues....I'll keep you all posted...very curious as to what will be on the food log. Go Bouie!

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