Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buffalo pasta

I'm not sure why this anti-processed foods gal has such a thing for Buffalo sauce, but we can't always define or choose what we're attracted to. Otherwise we'd use an algorithm to find our mates.

So one of my favorite summer meals is Buffalo Chicken Salad - a great substitute to eat when you're craving something really super greasy and disgusting like Buffalo wings. Indya can offer her opinion - she and Ben tried it. The other night I tried a new take on things - Buffalo pasta. Recipe below salad recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

  • Fill bowls with lettuce and any other vegetables you like - peppers, cukes, onion, etc.
  • Sprinkle 1 Tbs blue cheese crumbles on salad. I give Dave more and me less.
  • Grill or cook lightly seasoned boneless thighs or breasts, although in this recipe thighs are better. Sometimes I mix them both.
  • When chicken is done, chop into small slices and then toss in separate bowl with Buffalo sauce from supermarket. You may want to set some aside for the kids that has no sauce.
  • Place warm chicken on top of salad and serve with either old and vinegar or blue cheese dressing (I uesd to make blue cheese dressing, but now I'm lazy and mix half TJ's brand with half non-fat Fage yogurt). With all the other saucy stuff going on you don't need much dressing.
  • I sometimes serve with some starch - leftover brown rice, brown pasta or if I have a nice bread in house. If I'm really craving the chicken I will have no starch and more chicken, but sometimes I want a starch to cut the sauce down a bit.
Buffalo Pasta Leftovers

Not sure what inspired me to try this.....and I don't remember the amounts that well. I made a really small serving as the flavor combination was a gamble.
  • In bowl put cooked whole wheat pasta, with drizzle of Buffalo sauce, 2-3 Tbs low-fat ricotta (but find a brand without fillers) blue cheese crumbles.
  • Slices of lean meat like chicken or pork loin
  • Heat all in microwave slightly. Mix.
  • Eat a small amount with a large salad!

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