Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm not crazy...or maybe I am???

No sooner had I written a post about how I'm not crazy.... than the following two things happened....

1. I hit "publish" on the "not crazy" blog post and then immediately checked my email. I had an email from Dave with no subject line. Inside it said, "I'd like to try the last one on the page." Below was a link....

Was it a new restaurant? A vacation spot? Something

I clicked and I was immediately bombarded with this image of this horrifying man!!! He scares me!

If you scroll down far enough some more normal-looking people appear, doing plank rows, which both Jackie and Jillian do...but still!!!
Now for the record, I never go to any exercise sites or look up special push-ups etc. I just sit passively in front of my DVDs and do what they say. Dave researches different moves and then types up his routine on a spreadsheet and executes his plan, counting reps, planning combinations of body parts to work-out...pushing himself without Jillian chastising him. He will always be way more hard core than me. I don't want to do research and I don't want to go to any web site where that man resides!! The way I see it Jillian and Jackie have been practicing this stuff for 30+ years between them. That's enough knowledge for me.

OK - score 1 for me in the "not crazy" category. Not so sure about my husband though....

and then - completely unrelated to the above occurrence...

2. I read a fun article by David Pogue (I love him) about little fitness gizmos, which included the following quote:
And that business about manually entering everything you eat and drink is well-meaning, but come on — how many non-obsessive compulsives are really going to make that effort day in, day out, for months?
Ha ha ha! Score 1 for me in the "crazy" category.

For the record I never really did that - I just used the apps to determine point values for individual foods and then tallied up a daily total in my head and typed it into the blog in the evening - arguably a hair less tedious and OCD than scrolling through menus finding exact food items - but perhaps not. Sometimes I entered a few foods into Livestrong, but not every single food.

Anyway - funny timing. I guess I'm even.

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