Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wardrobe contents

I have talked about buying a new wardrobe and how hard/expensive/time consuming/unpleasant it is. I think I'm done - as of today. I need some tights and a couple pairs shoes, but done for now. Everything bought was on sale or from discount store. A couple mistakes but not bad. I did lots of discount shopping but it's still expensive to start from scratch - even my underwear doesn't fit. And this is JUST winter items except the undergarments. I just did a little quick math in my head. This is well over $1k. I felt like I was mainly getting bargains at the time, with a few splurges, and I don't think I have a big wardrobe (9 pairs long pants for work/weekend/workout combined?) but it all adds up so quickly.

Virtual What Not to Wear...Contents of my winter wardrobe are as follows:

  • 2 pairs jeans Lucky brand via Filene's Basement, $30 each.
  • 1 pair tailored pant-like denim big cuff pants - kind of springy weight actually but I like them. Anthropologie,  $50
  • 2 pairs cords, black, brown Benetton, $55 each
  • 1 pair tailored black work pants DKNY via Filene's Basement $25 - great bargain.
  • 1 pair tailored tan work pants Benetton $55
  • 6 or 7 long sleeved nice t-shirts mainly Gap/J.Crew. nice may not be totally accurate.$10-15 each. Overall winter wardrobe plan was buy lots of t-shirts and a few nice cardigans and have a mix/match collection. Broadcloth shirts too expensive/annoying to iron/not necessary when working with scientists.
  • 1 long camel-color cashmere cardigan with ruffle. Filene's Basement $80
  • 1 long black cardigan from previous wardrobe- must replace and throw out paid $75 7 years ago!
  • 1 cotton/rayon knit dress Boden $128 - complete waste, now on sale, worn once. I hate dresses!
  • 1 black suit with skirt DKNY outlet store $100 plus tailoring
  • 1 gray sweater vest Banana Republic $39
  • 1 multi color sweater vest Boden $37
  • 1 long denim skirt Boden $39
  • 1 tailored denim blazer Calvin Klein outlet forget price, maybe $50, multi-seasonal
  • 1 pair nice boots Ugg $200 - crazy!!!
  • several old crappy shoes that should be thrown out - i have very oddly shaped feet and have trouble buying shoes
  • 1 light gray silk sweater my mom bought me at Lord and Taylor about 15 years ago. Still beautiful. Used to be a set, but tank part got stained.
  • 1 Target/Loehman's tunic/leggings outfit experiment that went awry. I'm too old. $50 for both items
  • a couple new overcoat type things one down, one more sweatery, one old Benetton long wool overcoat. Athletica, Lands End, may return, some haven't even arrived yet.
  • many pairs Lucy yoga pants in shorts, capris, long lenghts. paid about $30-60 each, always on sale but still overpriced. Use mediums for sleeping/lounging and smalls for actually working out. Pretty good value considering how much they're worn. I have no other pajamas.
  • new underwear! even that is too big
  • 1 Spanx bra $62 and 4 athletic bras, $15-25 each I think-obviously this is a problem. 
One day I can do a virtual fashion show but that will be very time consuming. No photos for now. I also have a few items that I bought that no longer fit or items still in the basement closet from before - size 12s. Not counting those! For spring I have 3 pairs capris, a few skirts, nice t-shirts, 2 bathing suits.

Interestingly, even 45 lbs thinner pants still don't fit properly - I'm a 4 in the waist and a 6 in the butt/thighs. Only liposuction can solve that problem and that's not for me. Tops are also a problem as I'm narrow but very long-waisted and long-armed. Tall-sized tops work well but are hard to find. I guess one solution is to buy larger sizes and have them tailored down. All the What Not to Wear people suggest that. But that's expensive.

Not sure of my point here - I guess it's that a new wardrobe is quite an undertaking mentally, physically, economically, no matter what. Thank God I'm done shopping.

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  1. Even though you weren't looking forward to shopping for a new wardrobe, I hope you had some fun just discovering what size you were after losing 45 lbs. Congratulations. I'm glad you were able to find some of the items you needed at Filene's Basement.I know you said you were done, but if you get the urge to shop for the tights and shoes between now and Dec. 24, there is a 15% off entire purchase if you sign up as a fan on Filene's Basement's Facebook page. Enjoy your new size.