Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tried this and loved it...

Very hard (with 8 lb weights), I like Bob's demeanor, he has a different way of doing things from Jackie and Jillian - more work on balance and core. I didn't love the band part for the last 10 min so switched to dumbbells instead. Usually the tubby Biggest Loser contestants bother me but this time they had the winners doing the workouts, so they were pretty inspirational - I mean not super-hot like the Jackie and Jillian's trainer buds, but not bad. They were holding big weights which inspired me to do so also.

There are so many Biggest Loser workouts, including a weight loss yoga DVD. Might be a good thing to request for holidays. I also tried Power Sculpt, which I did not like nearly as much, although now I can't remember why. Partly I like having a whole Bob DVD. He's upbeat and encouraging, not mean, but tough also.

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