Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This one even shocks me

I am so narrow in this one it even shocks me.

The woman in pink on the left also lost a ton of weight. She has an identical twin sister 35 lbs heavier than her who also works in our building so it's a pretty alarming live before and after comparison. The woman on the far right is my Nigerian stairs partner/fist cheerleader.

I will do a better job of some before and after comparisons - getting pics of the same angle next to each other - after I finish with my holiday cards! For the longest time I didn't want to post many photos as I thought it was kind of vain, but two friends told me not to take it so personally. Everyone loves before and after photos be it of a bathroom renovation, a new haircut, weight loss, a new front walk...I have to admit they're right about that.

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