Saturday, January 9, 2010

For those times when you MUST have something sweet

The problem I have with baked goods on a diet is that even low-fat, low-sugar brownies still have 176 calories. That's kind of a lot. And they often don't taste very good. And indulging in sweet tastes just increases sugar cravings.

But I thought this recipe looked ok for those times you REALLY need something sweet. I would recommend individually wrapping the brownies in tin foil and freezing them. Much easier to eat one small portion that way. And I would make them smaller - these have 176 cals each, for 12 brownies, so I would cut 20 brownies instead, if possible, for a treat of about 100 calories. Also the recipe has 6 tbs of chocolate chips. Removing those would make them a lot less caloric - without the chips you could probably cut 16 for 100 cals each but I'm kind of guessing.

And I thought this woman's story was kind of crazy. She lost 212 pounds and is a size 6!

Brownie recipe.


  1. OK. I made these yesterday. Corinna (10) LOVED them (go figure!). I am not convinced they really satisfy my sweet craving, but am willing to keep trying :). I put the extras in the freezer (of and I cut them WAY small - they are super dense!). Thanks for passing along this!

  2. Corinna is 10?? Did you put the chips in them? Maybe that would help. Or a little whipped cream?