Monday, December 7, 2009

White chicken chili a hit...great winter dish

I can't believe this is getting mentioned a third time, but the white chicken chili was a huge hit and super-easy. I read a bunch of recipes and this is what I did. Sorry, guessed at quantities but ingredients are bolded. Supposed to have fennel seeds too but I forgot.

-brown 2 packages boneless chicken thighs (could use breasts too) in olive oil with dried red pepper flakes, oregano, cumin. Don't worry about cooking through - just get it browned and yummy.
-take out, set aside and then brown onions - cooked in pancetta oil, which may be one reason the flavor was so strong and good.
-chop up chicken really small while onions cooking.
- also while onions cooking, take one cup or so white beans and put in blender with a tad water or stock.
-add 3/4 cup or so chicken broth, deglaze pot.
-put chicken back in, add 1.5 bags frozen sweet corn, more oregano, cumin, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper
-put white beans in and bean puree. I probably used 4 cups total.
-put in two small cans mild green poblano peppers from TJs.
-try and have equal parts chicken bits, beans and corn/peppers with a thick sauce from the pureed beans. (I would say about 3 cups each and a 4th cup beans pureed)
-simmer for 30 min or so.
-good with rice or barley or really well with nice savory corn bread with red pepper bits in it if you're so inclined to bake (I'm not).
-definitely squeeze fresh lime juice - serve with lime wedges and let each guest do it themselves.

I was worried I put in too much cumin, which I believe I did. Dave ate a bunch of bites when it was still on the stove and declared it the best white chili he'd ever had (not sure how much of a compliment that is based on small sample size). I asked if it had too much cumin but he said he didn't know what cumin tasted like. My mom came for dinner and also loved it, and she is quite an accomplished cook so that's high praise. I liked it too but all in all I'm not a huge chili fan. I make it because it's a crowd (husband) pleaser and easy.

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  1. Thanks Jenna - I will definitely try this recipe!