Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad economic news

I'm finding that the bad economic news is making any of my little recipes or dieting foibles seem silly today. I was just reading about Claire McCaskell's poignant but too late rant on the Senate floor. Go sister!!! You should have made such demands in September though.

So I will plug away unenthusiastically. Three people, including my mother commented on my progress today. It was extra nice for my mom to notice. Perhaps people noticed because I was wearing some smaller jeans. Now I bought them in August so this is no return to my 2000 body (not that my 2000 body was Heidi Kluhm-ish to begin with, but it was better than it is now). Of course these smaller jeans had to be unbuttoned in the car but it is a start. I live in fear of the dreaded weight loss "plateau"

I'm also cooking my mom's cabbage soup recipe right now. It's amazing how it smells exactly the same as it did growing up! 

food log (it's only 7:50pm, so I hope I don't snack later in the evening. I'm planning to just go to bed)
whole wheat english muffin with 1tbs peanut butter 4pts
coffee with milk 1pt

small yogurt 2pts

salad with 1tbs dressing 1pt
left soup home by accident - see below
oatmeal with 5 cashews 3 points (good use of emergency snack in desk)

1.5 cups bean/veggie soup (this was really my lunch that I left home) 3pts? guessing
random mouthfuls of cardboard corn chips and soup testing...really must again stop mindlessly putting food in mouth.

bean soup was big so i had green beans roasted in oven with olive oil and salt. fabulous 2pts
3 mini meatballs - too fatty - 2pts

770 stairs, a few arm weights, a few crunches...kind of half-hearted

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