Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 22-23 - Colonoscopy

About a year ago I decided to take care of all the physical issues that I had ignored through pregnancy, nursing and toddler-haze. This involved starting to exercise regularly again, which I did for a while, getting my vision checked, my varicose veins removed (messed up the exercise) and two cancer screenings, a special eye exam and a colonoscopy. I am proud to say that after today, they have all been taken care of. I am post-colonoscopy and don't have to go again for five years. No pollups. The doctor complimented my prep and was smiling at the results.

I am left with a stomach ache, which  I actually think has nothing to do with the procedure and everything to do with a mild virus in my house. Both Natasha and Dave have had similar pains in the past few days. 

Obviously my food intake yesterday was zero points. Last night I was beyond hungry and into crazy. I was screaming at everyone and snapping at the slightest infraction. I would be a very mean anorexic. Then  instead of going to bed early for some reason I decided to torture myself by watching Alton Brown make home made soft pretzels. I must try that. Then I stayed up to torture myself further with Iron Chef America. The ingredient was milk and it intrigued me. At any rate, I was dreaming of all the wonderful food I would eat today, only to be thwarted by a virus. I did eat 2 portions of my mother's fantastic home made soup which she brought for me, for lunch.

I got very hungry at snack time - 4:30 and allowed myself to descend into old habits of a big afternoon snack (really a meal). It's shocking how quickly old habits return! Carrots, hummus and a few (maybe 10?) of the kids' crackers. I really do have a weakness for Cheezits.

For dinner I made a delicious sauteed chard and mushrooms with camembert sauce. Not exactly dietetic. It's actually amazing how much cheese those veggies soak up without being the slightest bit greasy! 

Personal grooming has been completed - although I haven't had my hair cut since July. Now it's on to fixing this broken house.


  1. Hi there,
    First of all, who could resist the title of your most recent entry? It drew me in, made me want to read more... :)
    Also, did you get my fb message about your inauguration posts? AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the experience with those of farther away. Although I think I told you that we really felt a part of it all, too..

  2. even though i think it could be good comedy, i stayed away from any details. let's just say once every 5 years is more than enough. I did get your message about my inauguration posts. i'm so happy you enjoyed them. it was very fun to recount...made all the wandering around in the cold worth it. actually, now that i've heard other people's stories, we were extremely lucky to find the spot we did. so many people were turned away, even with really good tickets.