Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Days 4 - A restaurant

Day 4
First restaurant challenge.
We go to a restaurant. How will I cope? When did I become so neurotic??
I know I have lots of Points and the thought of ordering a salad with salmon on top makes me want to cry. Life cannot be this boring. I order the most delicious fried oyster sliders with some crazy sauce, pickles, and cole slaw. All on a super mushy potato rolls. I eat 2 of the three and give the third to my husband, along with the onion strings. I don't eat the kids' french fries. I glare at the waiter for bringing french fries when I ordered them veggies. I don't need them fat too.

Oh my god my meal is divine. I want the third sandwich but don't eat it. I'm full enough. I don't feel guilty for eating fried food. I have controlled myself and not ruined everyone's evening by saying we need to rush home to eat. I have not left bitter and resentful after eating a boring salad and salmon slab. I'm happy. The kids even fall asleep in the car and go right back to sleep after being put in bed. Perfect.

Food log to Emily

ok, practically starved due to time issues...then had big dinner...but not horrible....but here it is...


- run/walk for 30 min - must change the run to walk ratio!

coffee with lots milk,
5 prunes (100 cal)

lunch - 11:15am, kind of a problem as dinner is far away, but schedule got compliated.
1 cup sauteed greens and navy beans. probably 1/3 cup beans
1/2 whole wheat naan, tiny drop butter! it was yummy!

snack 3:30
5 largish strawberries

dinner (my first restaurant challenge!!!)
2 sliders with fried oyster, coleslaw, some sauce, potato bun - they were smallish, and i could easily have eaten the third and all the onion strings, but I gave those to Dave - and we didn't get the free sample fudge or huge cookies i totally wanted across the street.
1/2 cup veggies sauteed - probably in butter

water, diet coke

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