Sunday, January 18, 2009

Upcoming postings - inauguration activities

Over the next few days I hope to blog about the weekend of inauguration activities. The weather has lightened a drop today, which bodes well. It's already 30 degrees at 8:30am. I may go to the concert at the Lincoln Memorial today, but probably just my husband and son will go. I'm saving my stamina for a pre-inaugural ball on Monday night, where I'll be volunteering (my post is spotting VIPs and directing them to the correct entrance!), and for the grand event itself. The current plan is for me to stay overnight Monday night with my dear friend in Dupont Circle, and then for us to meet up with my husband and the kids on Tuesday morning to try and view the ceremony on jumbotrons on the Mall and then to hopefully attend a parade-viewing party someplace warm. This means my husband has to take the kids into the crush of the red line by himself, or possibly try and take bikes of some sort. I wonder if he can hitchhike a ride with a bus as one of the main thoroughfares into the city from points north is Connecticut Ave, which is 1 block from our house.

Stay tuned!

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  1. hi jenna! i can think of no one better to rely on for up-to-date blogs of the festivities. i can't wait to hear more. it's you and lisa ling i'll be following from up here in snowy boston... have FUN!!! rachel