Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mireille Guiliano would be proud

Today was a much better day!

I ate only food I like, tried something new, cooked some good meals and made my family all eat together, and eat the same adult food. What a success! I also discovered a new low-cal dessert. Exercise was a little lame, and I think I ate too much dinner because I was so busy worrying about what my kids ate that I forgot to measure my food.

Let's start with dessert. I experimented with the plain non-fat Greek yogurt, trying to make chocolate yogurt. How I got started liking chocolate yogurt in my thirties is the fault of my nephews, but that's another story.

So take one Greek yogurt (which has very little tartness, a ton of protein and is both extremely smooth and creamy, as well as being very filling), add a heaping tablespoon of Hershey's Dark cocoa powder, and a little sugar. I want to try it with the new supposedly natural sugar-substitute called Truvia, but I haven't bought any yet. At any rate, I only used a couple teaspoons. It was delicious! I made a creamy treat that tasted just like an Oreo! The chocolate was about 30 cal, the yogurt 90 and the sugar I guess another 40. But that whole concoction could definitely be two portions for a total of about 80 cal/portion.

I have also been cooking a lot lately, due to being stuck in the house. Even Alex noticed. In the car on the way to school today he asked me why I was cooking so much, which for some reason I found incredibly endearing of him. Today, upon learning of the dreaded two-hour school delay, I made a bean soup with added corn, tomatoes, onions, celery and carrots. The corn was to satisfy my kids but it probably made it much starchier. We made the kids eat some of it for dinner. Lots of grumbling but they ate it and eventually realized that they liked it and stopped their knee-jerk complaining at eating something healthy. I crumbled a bit of leftover bacon from last week and that really satisfied Natasha - and her daddy! I kept pulling bits of bacon from my bowl and dropping them into hers, like a true mama bird. A little bacon really goes a long way towards flavoring things so I realized I didn't need so much.

My favorite French lady Mireille Guiliano, is very into soups, because they are filling and healthy. I also was very against soups for a long time due to an extremely negative experience smelling turkey broth simmering in my house all day one time when I was pregnant with Alex. I swear it threw me off soups for years. But it is pretty hard to deny the usefulness of soups when dieting. They are filling, low-cal, easy to make and easy to put in a thermos and reheat in a microwave at work. 

Mireille also advocates cooking big elaborate meals on the weekend with leftovers that can be reconfigured as various kinds of quick home made meals during the week. I fully subscribe to these ideas, now that I have a little more time to undertake them. The first time I read Mireille's book I was still in sleep-deprivation hell and almost threw the book across the room. She also wants me to go shopping every day, which is kind of a death sentence when you have a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old (which thank God I no longer have!). But there are some good concepts in there.

Food log
teff - an Ethiopian porridge-like substance, the smallest grain in the world
coffee with 1% milk
half an apple with 2 tsp peanut butter

salad with 1 tbs blue cheese dressing
3/4 cup bean soup

strawberries and a few bites Oreo yogurt - the kids wouldn't give me any!

1.5 cups bean soup with 1/2 crumbled slice bacon (too much soup I think)

a few more bites of the Oreo yogurt concoction

20 min aerobics in front of tv while kid were in the bath


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